Innovator for the aviation of tomorrow

Premium AEROTEC has a leading position as a company for the development, design and production of aircraft structures, based on expertise, experience and the ability to innovate. The company is characterised by the combination of sophisticated products and state-of-the-art production technologies. Nonetheless, Premium AEROTEC is constantly developing its outstanding expertise in the design and application of new and innovative materials, technologies and processes, and is already working on the aviation of tomorrow today.


Premium AEROTEC is able to draw on comprehensive expertise in the construction of metal aircraft. In the construction of skin sections in particular, the company is able to avail itself of unique industrial capabilities in both stretch forming and surface treatment. The company has once again significantly augmented its expertise in this field for the components it produces for the A321LR.


High-performance cutting

Premium AEROTEC is a leader in the field of high performance cutting. In manufacturing aircraft components from aluminium and titanium, the company is able to avail itself of one of the most high-performance fleets of machinery in the world. The modern five-axis processing centre enables the company to manufacture aluminium fuselage frames of up to seven metres in length.


Carbon fibre composite (CFC)

In the field of aircraft construction, Premium AEROTEC is one of the biggest innovators in the use of the material CFC. For this, the company leverages its experience in the processing of carbon fibre composites gained over four decades. Premium AEROTEC is able to make use of a wide range of processes that have been tried and tested in practical use, and is thus able to exploit the full potential of this material.


3D Printing

Premium AEROTEC is the first company in the word to establish 3D metal printing in aircraft construction. It has been using this technology for the serial production of complex structural components since 2016. On the basis of a qualified complete process, 3D metal printing on an industrial scale is opening up previously unthinkable possibilities in terms of weight savings.


Excellent Innovations

Premium AEROTEC has already received many prizes and awards for its achievements in the tech sector. In 2017, the company won the Prize in Innovation for German Aviation with 3D printed titanium brackets for the A350 XWB. Prior to this, Premium AEROTEC had won the renowned JEC Innovation Award multiple times with its projects in the composite material sector: For CFRP door frames for the A350 in 2016, as a partner in MOJO, a European joint research project, in 2010, and even back in 2009, with CFRP freight doors for the A400M.