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Premium AEROTEC is the world leader in the production of large and complex shaped aircraft components. Its product portfolio includes complete fuselage sections, floor structures, wing components, loading doors and pressure bulkheads. Thanks to the symbiosis of a wealth of ideas, sound development and the expertise of its staff, the company is able to break new ground in the processing of high-tech materials which meet the most demanding quality requirements. The world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers rely on products made by Premium AEROTEC.

Fuselage sections

Premium AEROTEC manufactures fully assembled fuselage sections from the shells and the floor structure. The company’s capabilities range from the pressure hull right through to the rear fuselage. Thanks to its comprehensive expertise in the assembly of sections, the company is one of the most important tier-1 suppliers for aircraft manufacturers and supplies fuselage sections for A320 and A330 families, as well as for the A350 XWB. In manufacturing complete sections, Premium AEROTEC brings its expertise in design and production to bear to the maximum benefit of its customers.


Pressure bulkheads

Premium AEROTEC is the leading manufacturer of pressure bulkheads made from the composite material CFC. These separate the pressure hull of an aircraft from the rear fuselage. The company equips the A350 XWB with these parts. Thanks to its extensive experience working with carbon fibre reinforced composite, the company is able to apply different manufacturing processes (e.g. VAP® or prepreg processes) depending on its customers’ needs.


System components

Premium AEROTEC supplies its customers with a wide range of components and parts beyond the aircraft structure. The company’s experience in this area includes, for example, line systems for fuel, hydraulics, bleed air and oxygen, the air-conditioning system and the water system. Electrical components such as highly complex cable bundles and fuse and relay boxes are also included in Premium AEROTEC’s portfolio.


Landing gear components

Premium AEROTEC draws on its comprehensive experience in cutting for a wide range of metal components. In addition to elements of the fuselage structure, this also includes heavy-duty components for the landing gear. For example, the mountings for the main landing gear attachments for the A350 XWB require a very high level of technical skill in cutting titanium.


Floor structure

Premium AEROTEC supplies its customers with all the necessary components for the floor structure. These components already constitute an integral part of the company’s scope of work for the assembly of sections.


Outer skin

Premium AEROTEC is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of aircraft fuselage shells. The company designs complex structures and manufactures the skin sections and frames necessary for these. It is from these that the fuselage shells are ultimately made. Premium AEROTEC brings this experience to bear in commercial and military aircraft construction, for Airbus’ A320 and A330 families, for example, or for the Eurofighter. The range of materials used for the outer skin of aircraft ranges from metallic materials such as aluminium through to composite materials such as CFRP. The fuselage shells produced by Premium AEROTEC are reaching truly unique dimensions. In order to produce them, the company has state-of-the-art production facilities at its sites.


Passenger and cargo door components

With its state-of-the art door frames and cargo bay doors, Premium AEROTEC has given its customers lasting advantages. The company has set new standards with an innovative CFRP door frame for the A350 XWB. These door frames, manufactured from composite materials, offer significant savings in weight compared to standard titanium frames. Whilst the door frame components are manufactured from pre-impregnated CFRP strips (prepreg process), the company uses a vacuum assisted process (VAP®) for manufacturing the CFRP cargo bay doors for the A400M. The integral construction that this allows saves on costs and weight, and even the production has been reduced since some of the assembly steps can be omitted.


Wing components

Premium AEROTEC has extensive experience with regard to wing components. The company produces inner and outer flap tracks for a range of aircraft models.



Premium AEROTEC can avail itself of a broad range of skills in the maintenance and repair of aircraft components. For this, the company is able to draw on experience in development and production spanning decades and to combine this with the state-of-the art process capabilities. This enables Premium AEROTEC to support its products throughout their entire life cycle and to supply its customers with products which are ready for immediate use.


Structural testing

Premium AEROTEC operates an extremely well equipped, state-of-the-art testing laboratory for a wide range of tests. Its range includes mechanical tests for components made of metal or composite materials, as well as thermal, optical and chemical tests. The laboratory is certified to the current globally recognised standards. This makes Premium AEROTEC the ideal partner for large structural tests, mechanical standard testing for composites and for tests to demonstrate the service life of a material or component.


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