Premium AEROTEC is once again top employer

After successfully being certified as a top employer for engineers last year, Premium AEROTEC has now won an additional award: the company has been certified as Top German Employer across all occupational groups, thereby confirming once again the excellent working and career conditions for employees.

The Corporate Research Institute (CRF) based in Duesseldorf carefully examined numerous companies in the context of an annual cross-industry survey throughout Germany. The companies were assessed by an independent and renowned team of experts according to six criteria: Career Opportunities, Primary Benefits (all monetary benefits), Secondary Benefits & Work-Life Balance (all non-pay-related benefits and working conditions), Training & Development and Corporate Culture.

After a comprehensive analysis and a series of interviews had been carried out, Premium AEROTEC received the highly coveted ‘Top German Employer’ seal of quality. In the individual categories, Premium AEROTEC achieved good to very good performance and thus belongs to a group of companies whose excellent personnel management and optimal working and career conditions have been certified.

“Having a technological lead is an essential element of our competitive ability which we want to continue strengthening and expanding upon. To this end, we are investing heavily in research and development, but also in our people. We are thus securing our future as an innovative and attractive company,” said Kai Horten, CEO of Premium AEROTEC.

“The ‘Top German Employer’ seal of quality is a great award for us. It underscores our responsibility to continue developing our company as an attractive employer. At the same time, we are pleased to be able to motivate talented people for our company as a result,” said Dr Wolfram Sauer, Head of Human Resources and Member of Premium AEROTEC’s Management.
As a result of this award, Premium AEROTEC is recognised as a company with excellent employer qualities. Both career starters and long-term employees have the opportunity to strengthen their specialist competences and boost their career development at Premium AEROTEC. The company is currently training a total of 376 young people at four sites in Germany in various technical and commercial occupations. Dual study courses and multi-faceted internships and student trainee activities are also open to young and qualified school leavers alongside this.

Communication with applicants, employees and partners is carried out using high IT standards. Premium AEROTEC also places a great deal of emphasis on a flexible work model and health management in order to create an attractive working environment.

Premium AEROTEC generated sales of around 1.5 billion euros in 2012. The company’s core business lies in the development and production of metal and carbon fibre composite aircraft structures, as well as the associated equipment and production systems. The company has manufacturing sites in Augsburg, Bremen, Nordenham and Varel in Germany, as well as in Bras¸ov in Romania.