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Premium AEROTEC demonstrate potential of a modern hybrid design for future aircraft lightweight structures

With the successful completion of the project TOAST (ThermOplast Additive Manufacturing STrukturen), Premium AEROTEC GmbH present the impressive potential which a modern hybrid design of carbon fibre reinforced plastic and metal offers for future lightweight structures.


Premium AEROTEC and Lockheed Martin Collaborating on Additive Manufacturing

Premium AEROTEC and Lockheed Martin signed an agreement today during the Paris Air Show to explore opportunities to implement Premium AEROTEC’s additive manufacturing processes into the F-35 Lighting II Program.


At the Paris Air Show Premium AEROTEC will be showing off the next stage in the development of the world's first single aisle pressure bulkhead demonstrator made from thermoplastic CFRP

Aviation industry supplier Premium AEROTEC is making progress in developing the world's first thermoplastic pressure bulkhead through work by a multidisciplinary research and development team. The aim is to prepare the thermoplastic joining technology of resistance welding for use in serial production.


Premium AEROTEC first aviation supplier to receive complete process qualification for additive titanium manufacturing in multi-laser systems

Premium AEROTEC has achieved another important milestone in additive manufacturing (3D printing): After a successful industrial process audit carried out by Airbus on 11 April and signing of the qualification report on 25 April 2019, Premium AEROTEC was the first aviation supplier to achieve a complete process qualification for additively manufactured titanium parts in multi-laser systems.


NextGenAM – pilot project for automated metallic 3D printing proves a complete success

What began as a promising vision in May 2017 has now reached a successful conclusion: the project "NextGenAM" will work on the development of a pilot production line for a next-generation automated "Additive Manufacturing" process for partners Premium AEROTEC, EOS and Daimler.