We manage the entire process chain.

Premium AEROTEC takes care of all necessary steps to define and perform structure tests according to relevant standards and regulations. This includes test specimen preparation for panels, blanks or manufactured parts made from composite materials or metal. As a result of decades of testing in the aerospace industry, we are familiar with live-testing processes for both engineering and manufacturing.


We offer a wide range of testing capabilities.

Our lab offers ideal opportunities for fatigue testing, with servo hydraulic test machines covering the entire range from 10 kN up to 1,600 kN, the latter being ideal for testing thicker laminates (>12 mm) and small panels. In addition, we have performed hundreds of structure tests on our 400 m2 wide test field using the pyramid approach that encompasses element, detail, sub-component and component tests. Thermal, optical and wet chemical standard tests complete our portfolio for load-carrying structures. As a consequence, Premium AEROTEC is first choice for:

  • non-standard structure tests
  • standard composite tests
  • quality examinations for parts including extensive fatigue testing

Mechanical test (composites)

  • Tension (plain, open hole, filled hole)
  • Compression (plain, open hole, filled hole)
  • Shear
  • Interlaminar shear
  • Fracture toughness energy G1c
  • Bearing strength
  • Compression after impact
  • Single lap shear
  • Pull-out / pull-through strength on riveted joints
  • Peeling test

Mechanical tests (metal)

  • Fatigue testing
  • Fracture toughness K1c
  • Crack propagation

Thermal, optical, wet chemical tests

  • Glass transition temperatures (DMA)
  • Modulated differential scanning calorimetry (MDSC)
  • Macroscopic and microscopic examination
  • Determination of the resin flow
  • Paints and varnishes (scratch test, cross cut test)
  • Salt spray tests
  • Pore content of fiber reinforced plastics


  • DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018
  • EN 9100 / ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Mechanical standard tests

Mechanical standard tests

  • 7 servo hydraulic test machines for static and fatigue tests
  • Latest Zwick / Roell control system
  • Hydraulic clamping of specimen
  • 2 Zwick test machines for static tests (60 kN and 100 kN)
  • 140 m² test area
  • Hot / wet, high and -80 °C low temperature tests
  • Conditioning chambers for wet ageing
  • Mobile conditioning aggregate

Test fields

Test fields

  • 400 m² test field area to accommodate tests in own rigs
  • Strong floor I: 8.4 x 5 m (extendable to 8.4 x 12 m), single load up to 1000 kN
  • Strong floor II: 5.4 x 5.4 m, single loads up to 3200 kN
  • Tower: Max. specimen length 3.5 m, loads up to 3200 kN
  • 40 servo-hydraulic actuators from 10 kN to 3200 kN
  • Schenck Labtronik 8800 System


Premium AEROTEC is highly experienced in structural testing.

Laboratory for composites and chemistry

  • 160 m² test area
  • Thermal, chemical and optical testing for composites, metals,paints and varnishes


Strong support for structure tests

  • ARAMIS: Digital image correlation in mechanical testing
  • intellifast: Ultrasonic measurement of fastener pre-load
  • Ultrasonic testing via A-scan and phased array (Omniscan, Rotoarray)

Test cycle process - Seven steps to success

Premium AEROTEC operates a highly sophisticated and modern equipped test laboratory that offers you an “all-round care-free package” for your testing needs.

We combine decades of experience in mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical testing with certified state-of-the-art competences and expertise along the entire process chain.

Premium AEROTEC is your ideal partner for:

  • non-standard structure tests
  • standard composite tests
  • quality examinations for parts including extensive fatigue testing