High-tech production of metal components

Since the end of 2010, Premium AEROTEC has also been operating in Braşov, Romania. The focus here is on the production and assembly of metal and non-metal components using new technologies for aluminium and CFRP for all Airbus series programmes. This production plant has evolved continuously since its first days: having started out as the “Greenfield Project” with an area spanning 26,000 square metres, since 2010 Braşov has grown from around 160 staff members to around 670.



The Braşov plant produces and assembles metal structures for almost all commercial Airbus programmes and the military transport aircraft A400M, and is able to draw on a range of state-of-the-art machinery The focus in Braşov lies in cutting metalworking, milling and turning as well as the related peripheral areas such as panel cutting, tool presetting, deburring, and quality assurance. Another focus of this plant is the processing of special profiles for lightweight aircraft structures. Thus, for example, the stringers for almost all Airbus models up to a length of four metres are created here by means of mechanical machining and moulding processes. All in all, about 1,200 different profiles are produced here. The third focus of the Braşov plant lies in the area of pre-assembly and assembly of aircraft components for the Airbus series programmes and the military transport aircraft A400M.



The facility operates manufacturing machines of the latest generation. Milled parts with dimensions from 40×40 to 600×600 millimetres and turned parts with a diameter of up to 80 millimetres are processed here. The milling machines are primarily designed to process aluminium components, while the lathes can process aluminium, steel, titanium and plastics. Quality inspection is performed with the aid of 3-axis coordinate measuring machines, hardness testers, conductivity metres and magnetic crack testing devices, meeting the highest standards of the international aviation industry.

Premium AEROTEC S.R.L.
Plant Braşov

Str. Hermann Oberth Nr. 30
507075 Ghimbav, Brașov
Phone: +40 (0) 368 081 002
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