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Premium AEROTEC supplies around 70 percent of all A400M fuselage structures

The successful ramp-up of production for the new A400M transport aircraft is key for Premium AEROTEC in establishing its position in future military aircraft construction. The company is putting all the necessary attention on the upcoming increase in production


A strong partner in military aircraft construction

Premium AEROTEC has so far delivered more than 420 centre fuselage sections for the Eurofighter Typhoon, underscoring its significant role in military aircraft construction. Besides an internationally acknowledged role as a strong partner in the civil aviation sector, Premium AEROTECs participation in the Eurofighter and the A400M transport aircraft is of great importance to the company in both economic and technological terms.


Key supplier for all Airbus series programmes

Premium AEROTEC has demonstrated its expertise in the development and manufacture of civil production programmes by delivering parts and components for more than 5,200 aircraft in the A320 Family, around 1,300 aircraft in the A330/A340 Family and over 100 A380s.


Premium AEROTEC and Boeing demonstrate CFC application possibilities for wings at the ILA

Premium AEROTEC has developed and manufactured a wing spar with a sinewave-shaped web from carbon fibre composites (CFC), thus demonstrating a possible application of CFC materials in wing construction. The component was the result of a two-year technology project in collaboration with Boeing. Premium AEROTEC is exhibiting a corresponding demonstrator at the ILA in Berlin.


Premium AEROTEC enters new technological dimensions with the A350 XWB

Premium AEROTEC is ready for the next generation of aircraft: following the successful first deliveries in all its work packages, the company is now fully concentrating on its production ramp-up.