Our Integrity Principels: Responsible conduct at Premium AEROTEC


Our Integrity Principles summarizes the key commitments we make in the various roles that we play as employees, employers, customers, suppliers, stewards of our sharholders´ investments and good corporate citizens. While we conduct our day-to-day business in different Group companies, we share one common roof – Premium AEROTEC and one common foundation – Integrity.

A crack in the roof or foundation anywhere presents risks to Premium AEROTEC everywhere. Global aerospace companies like ours conduct business in an ever-changing regulatory and legal environment. This requires continuous awareness-building for ethics and compliance risks. Our reputation – the cornerstone of Premium AEROTEC´s success – was built up over many years. It is our responsibility to preserve this valuable asset. 

Our Principles


Commitment to Our People

Our Company believes that a workplace should based on respect, honesty and fairness. We encourage innovation and employee engagement and are committed to maintaining high standards of quality, health and safety. 

Commitment to Our Company

Our employees are committed to avoiding any conflicts that might put their personal interests ahead of what is the best for the Company. Additionally, our employees are encouraged to speak up and seek guidance if they have any ethical or compliance concerns.

Commitment to building trust

Our employees protect the property and confidential information of the Company and of our stakeholders. Protecting confidential data, keeping accurate records and adhering to all laws governing our business are the key to our long-term success.

Commitment to Conducting Ethical Business

Business meals, hospitality and modest non-monetary gifts may be given or accepted if they reflect customary business practices. However, all business decisions must be based solely on the merits. Only clean business is sustainable business. Corruption is detrimental to the work environment, stifles innovation and is illegal. Our Company has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption of any kind.

Commitment to Corporate Citizienship

Our Company is committed to being a good corporate citizen. We acknowledge our responsibilities towards the environment, our local communities and our stakeholders.

Commitment to be Responsive

Our Company is committed to respond to employees´ concerns and suggestions. All Executives and Compliance representatives are always available to offer guidance and support.

Implementation within Premium AEROTEC


Concerning the Principles above Premium AEROTEC is committed to a strong ethical culture and promotes integrity and compliance with applicable law, regulations and internal processes at all times. To foster trust and openness, managers should encourage employees to speak out if anything seems to be questionable or a cause for concern.

The right answer isn´t always obvious. Premium AEROTEC created the Compliance Programme to be our employees´ trusted partner in navigating complex regulatory and moral dilemmas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Compliance Officer:

Dr. Elmar Wins-Seemann

elmar.wins-seemann (at)

+49 821  801 63499


compliance (at)