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News archive 2011


Further progress with A350 XWB programme

Following the successful delivery of the forward fuselage section (section 13/14) last month, the side shells and the floor structures for the aft fuselage section (section 16/18) and the first pressure bulkhead made of carbon fibre composite (CFC) materials has now been delivered to Airbus.


Dieter Meiners resigns from Premium AEROTEC’s board of management

In accordance with Premium AEROTEC’s supervisory board, Dr. Dieter Meiners, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Premium AEROTEC and Member of the company’s board of management, resigns from his mandate with immediate effect and will leave the company.


Serial high-tech: Premium AEROTEC delivers 400th fuselage centre section for Eurofighter

The delivery of the 400th fuselage centre section for a Eurofighter further confirms Premium AEROTEC’s strong position in military aircraft construction. The fuselage centre section manufactured by Premium AEROTEC is the structural ‘core’ of Eurofighter Typhoon, the European multi-role combat aircraft.


Continued success: Premium AEROTEC makes 5,000th delivery for A320 aircraft family

The delivery of the 5,000th fuselage shell package of an A320 aircraft marks another chapter in the Premium AEROTEC success story of deliveries for Airbus series production programmes. The complex components – one of which is the ‘super shell’ –
have been manufactured in Nordenham for the past 25 years. Just a few weeks ago, in mid-October, Premium AEROTEC delivered the 5,000th fuselage section for the A320 family from its Augsburg plant.


First A350 XWB fuselage section begins sea journey from Premium AEROTEC in Nordenham to Hamburg

Premium AEROTEC is delivering an assembled A350 XWB fuselage section 13/14 to Airbus for the first time. After being completed in Nordenham, the first section left the plant and was prepared for shipment by sea to Hamburg. Securely packaged in a special transport container, Premium AEROTEC’s largest A350 XWB component rolled out of the assembly hall and on to the plant’s dock.


Premium AEROTEC to construct new engineering centre for cutting edge technology in Augsburg

At an official ground-breaking ceremony Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, Joachim Nägele, member of the Board of Management of Premium AEROTEC, and the company’s Head of Engineering Reinald Pfau, together with Dr. Kurt Gribl, the Mayor of Augsburg, and Prof. Gero Madelung, Deputy Chairman of the Messerschmitt Foundation, signalled the symbolic start of building work for the new engineering centre at Premium AEROTEC in Augsburg. More than 300 engineers are expected to be working there from the end of 2012.


Premium AEROTEC expands its service business with industrial production systems

Premium AEROTEC further expands its service business with industrial production systems for aircraft manufacturing. Premium AEROTEC will set up a structure assembly line for the new Russian commercial aircraft programme MS-21 in cooperation with mechanical and plant engineering group Dürr.


Kai Horten to become CEO of Premium AEROTEC

Kai Horten will take the helm of Premium AEROTEC as of 1 October 2011. As President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) he will succeed Hans Lonsinger, who held these positions from the foundation of Premium AEROTEC until an illness in late 2010. Horten is currently managing director at Atlas Elektronik and will be responsible for the strategic and operational targets of Europe’s leading supplier of large aircraft structures.


Premium AEROTEC produces first A350 main landing gear attachments made of titanium

Premium AEROTEC achieves further progress in producing parts for the long-range Airbus A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body) family: the first main landing gear attachments have been completed some 16 months after order intake. Beyond that work package, Premium AEROTEC is responsible for the new Airbus generation’s complete front fuselage section 13/14 as well as the side shells of the rear fuselage sections 16 through 18, plus the floor structure, and the pressure bulkhead of the rear section.


Premium AEROTEC opens plant in Romania and continues growth trajectory

With completion of the second construction phase, Premium AEROTEC has opened its new plant in Ghimbav, in Romania's Braşov County. The production facility for aircraft components, erected in just 14 months, was officially commissioned, in the presence of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc and EADS CEO Louis Gallois. The new plant will now specialise in the production and assembly of metal components for all Airbus series programmes (A320 family, A330, A380). Production started in December 2010 on completion of the first construction phase.


Premium AEROTEC: The largest A400M aerostructures supplier successfully ramps up series production

Premium AEROTEC's German sites, which are involved in the development and production of the European military transporter A400M, are successfully contributing to the series manufacture of the most advanced and versatile transport aircraft for military and humanitarian tasks. As Premium AEROTEC announced at the Paris Air Show, the production of assemblies for the A400M series aircraft is currently being ramped up.


Premium AEROTEC: Important partner for all Airbus series production programmes

In less than three years, Premium AEROTEC has earned itself a sound reputation as a recognised high-performance partner in all Airbus series production programmes. Thanks to advanced technologies, materials, production processes and globally marketable manufacturing costs, Premium AEROTEC is already a Tier 1 supplier both for the single-aisle Airbus family (A318, A319, A320 and A321), for the long-distance versions A330, A340 and the Airbus flagship A380. Production sites in Augsburg, Bremen, Nordenham and Varel are integrated in Premium AEROTEC, as is the Romanian site of Ghimbav, which started operations in December 2010. The competence demonstrated in the current programmes also makes Premium AEROTEC one of the most important aerostructures suppliers for the new Airbus A350 XWB.


Premium AEROTEC to present itself at 2011 Paris Air Show in Le Bourget

Premium AEROTEC will present itself at the 2011 International Paris Air Show in Le Bourget from 20 to 26 June. The company will have its own stand (Hall 1, Stand E320) and also a chalet (No. B319). Operational since 1 January 2009, Premium AEROTEC has already become firmly established in its sector and is earning a top position: it is the number one supplier of aerostructures in Europe and ranks fifth worldwide. Premium AEROTEC’s core business comprises the development and manufacture of structures and production systems for civil and military aircraft made of titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre composites.


Premium AEROTEC honours innovative employees

For aeronautics suppliers, innovations are becoming more and more crucial in global competition. To honour and recognise technological innovation, Premium AEROTEC created an annual innovation prize for submitted patents. The prize was awarded for the first time to three engineers at a gala ceremony held at the historic Schleissheim Airfield near Munich.


Premium AEROTEC on the upswing

The increasing series production of Airbus components is very positively affecting capacity utilisation at Premium AEROTEC. Above all, increasing Airbus production rates for established aircraft programmes such as A320 and A330 and the ramp-up of A350 XWB and A400M military transporter production are ensuring more work at the Augsburg, Nordenham and Varel plants. At the same time, increasing activities of further aircraft programmes are positively affecting the capacity
utilisation of the individual plants.


Günter Butschek appointed new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Premium AEROTEC

Günter Butschek (50) has been appointed the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of
Premium AEROTEC. Butschek is Executive Vice President Operations at Airbus, Chairman of the Board of Management of Airbus in Germany and also a member of the Airbus Executive Committee. He is taking over the position at the helm of
Premium AEROTEC’s highest controlling body from Dr. Gerald Weber, who vacated the office following his departure from Airbus.


Premium AEROTEC makes first 3/2b Eurofighter fuselage section in Varel

Premium AEROTEC's Varel plant has successfully started assembling structural components for the Eurofighter. The first 3/2b Eurofighter fuselage section produced in Varel has been delivered to the Augsburg plant, where the entire fuselage centre section will be assembled in a series of further steps. The assembly work now carried out in Varel was previously done at Aircraft Services Lemwerder (ASL), whose military activities were taken over by Premium AEROTEC on 1 January 2011.


First Metal Cut for first A350 XWB series floor grid at Premium AEROTEC’s Augsburg plant

The first metal cut for the first series floor beam of the new Airbus A350 XWB was performed at Premium AEROTEC’s Augsburg plant today.


Premium AEROTEC commences aircraft component production in Romania

Premium AEROTEC commences manufacture of aircraft components at its new factory in Ghimbav, Braşov County, Romania. The company is thus continuing to extend its business activities and pursue a course of expansion. Surrounded by the workforce, plant manager Jochen von Wurmb gave the signal for production kick-off at the 60,000-square-metre facility.