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Premium AEROTEC produces and assembles fuselage and aerostructures for military and commercial programmes, including their furnishing. The process of constructing fuselage ranges from producing and assembling big metal sheets to the subsequent care of surfaces.

Premium AEROTEC produces section 19 for all small types of Airbus (A318 to A321) and for the long-range models A330 and A340. Another group of components are subshells for all wide-body aircraft of the types A330/A340 and fuselage shells for the A380.

For all smaller types of Airbus, PremiumAEROTEC produces the so called “keel beam”. This component is fitted in the middle of the fuselage between the undercarriers where it supports the entire structure. The floor crossbars of all Airbus types are also built by Premium AEROTEC. These parts originate in our in house metal cut and are then fully pre-assembled including electric, hydraulic and seat slide fittings. Finally, Premium AEROTEC manufactures the center section of the Eurofighter fuselage for all four partner countries as well as for export customers.

Premium AEROTEC manufactures the big fuselage components for the military airlifter A400M. Besides producing the shells for the complete aft fuselage segment, the cargo door is produced completely out of carbon fibre composites in VAP® technology. Premium AEROTEC is also responsible for development and production of all pipe systems in the mid and aft sections. These are, among others: bleed air for heating and climate control unit, hydraulic, pneumatic, potabele water, wastewater and fuel system.