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Braşov (Romania)

Premium AEROTEC commenced production of aircraft components in Braşov (Romania) by the end of 2010 and ceremonially inaugurated the plant on 12 July 2011, by which time around 300 employees had been working there. Premium AEROTEC has currently more than 550 employees in Brașov; employees of supplier companies will increase the numbers even further.

The plant’s location was chosen because of the expertise available in the Braşov area, especially in the field of metalworking. What is more, the plant’s location enables it to form an aerospace cluster with the traditional Romanian aviation company IAR Braşov and Eurocopter’s Romanian subsidiary, both of which are in the immediate vicinity.

Premium AEROTEC's activities in Braşov are focussed on machining, profiles and assemblies

Braşov (Romania)

Braşov plant
Premium AEROTEC S.R.L.
Str. Aeroportului, Nr. 9
507075 Ghimbav, Brașov
Phone.: +40 (0)368 081 002
Fax: +40 (0)368 081 010

Total area: 60,000 m²
Built-up area: 25,889 m²

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General Information on Braşov at wikipedia or at

Plant manager Hans-Joachim von Wurmb (center) pictured with employees in a directly supportive role.