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Premium AEROTEC specializes in the design and production of large and small, complex contoured aerospace assemblies. In this highly specialized field, every project benefits from the unparalleled experience that our experts bring to it.


In the A350 XWB production hangars in Nordenham und Augsburg Premium AEROTEC produces and delivers not only fuselage structures made of carbon fibre composites but also complete aircraft sections. Premium AEROTEC is already responsible for the entire Section 19 for all smaller Airbus types (A318–A321) and for the models A330 and A340. Single-aisle section 19 is located between the end of the cabine and the last segment, the area of the auxiliary engine.

Fuselage skin panels

Skin panels for the A380 and large structural parts of the military airlifter A400M are as well manufactured by Premium AEROTEC. This includes the complete aft fuselage segment and the upper cargo door in carbon fibre composites (CFC) with VAP®.